The Next 100 Years for Kent Memorial Library

2022 marked the 100th anniversary of the Kent Memorial Library

and it has never been more important as one of the Town’s essential institutions. We honor our past as a vital center for  community engagement, education, and enrichment for the greater Kent community. The celebration of our centennial reinforced our recognition of the institution’s critical importance as a beating heart of the Town as we look to the future, with informational needs that will continue to change dramatically.


Prior generations provided the foundation of a wonderful Library that has benefited us all. We are now inviting current members of our community to invest in the Library for future generations by enhancing the facility and expanding services to continue enriching the lives of all in our community while preparing for tomorrow.

Our Proposal

The Library Board and talented architects took a hard look at the Library’s needs, developing a design that is both beautiful and financially responsible. It’s a Yankee-thriftiness approach to achieving our priorities that reduces new construction and uses every square foot of the two-floor Firehouse property. There will be a new entranceway, a welcoming information and circulation center, a pathway to the Children’s Library and a connection to the renovated Firehouse with both a distinctive stairway and an elevator to a fully accessible second floor community room for programs and exhibits — all joined to our “jewel box” heritage Library building. The current Library is approximately 6450 square feet in publicly accessible space, staff working areas and storage. The building renovation and new construction will add approximately 5300 square feet for public use and staff.

The increased square footage will add a Community Room (with accessory areas) of 1400 square feet. The remaining new areas include two small meeting rooms; a young adult room; an expanded information technology and circulation services area; a full disability access entranceway, restrooms and elevator to the Community Room.

Fundraising Plan

The project will cost $6.3 million, funded by a combination of private donations and grants from government and private foundations. We are thrilled to have received a $2 million grant from the CT State Library!

Layout of entire renovation and new construction.

Community Room, Firehouse second floor.

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